Bradford, OH: Day 2 of moving

We have spent a very pleasant evening at the Scalzi home in Bradford, OH. This was my first time meeting Athena who is clearly her father’s daughter. Garrulous and charming as only a Scalzi can be. Also…only 10? The man is going to be in so much trouble when she hits the teenage years.

Today, in general, was much more pleasant than yesterday. Rob and I slept in to the comparatively late hour of eight and then took our time to correct the packing mishaps from yesterday. Being leisurely in the morning made us both feel better, I think.

We trade with driving, two hours on and two hours off. I spent time reworking an earlier chapter to insert a scene and then corrected for the new scene by adjusting dialogue and reactions in later chapters. I also finished Chapter 16. So, while I didn’t get a huge wordcount in today, I feel like they were very productive words.

The only downside to today was that the inverter’s outlet loosened so I lost power to the computer while we still had an hour of driving left. Rob thinks he’s fixed it for tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Oh, and for the Scalzi readers, yes, he did make stew and yes, it was quite tasty.

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  1. What is the ETA for Oregon? Our
    thoughts and Prayers follow you
    across the continent. -d- gives
    a huge assist w/updates. We
    appreciate his assist!

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