Building Jay Lake’s colon

Colon DesignBy this point, I think everyone probably heard about Jay Lake’s colon cancer news. The man is a cancer survivor the likes of which the world has never seen. When I heard the diagnosis, I emailed him asking if there was anything I could do for him from New York.

Oh yes. Yes, there was.

Jay asked me to build a puppet of his tumor, because he wanted to be “smarter and funnier” than his cancer. Before I had materials in hand, it was clear that Jay had kicked the tumor without the need for puppetry.

The colon, on the other hand, is a troublesome thing. So, I’m building Jay Lake a puppet of his colon in a jar. Today, I went shopping for specimen jars. Besides needing something the right size and shape, it also needed to be plastic so that I can drill holes in it with abandon. Tomorrow I’ll start the mech for the “mouth” of the colon.

This may well be my strangest commission ever

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21 thoughts on “Building Jay Lake’s colon”

  1. So who’s weirder…Jay for asking? Or you for having the talent to make a talking colon?

    Then again, I just put a fetus on leather…

  2. This is so beauitfuul. Yay Jay for spitting in cancer’s face, er, well, or colon…and you, too, for being right there, helping him do it, too. It’s a great thing, you know? Up yours, cancer! Well, you gotta laugh.

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  4. I would hope that is your strangest commission. It’s neat that you are doing that. I’m glad it all worked out for him.

  5. Sean P. Fodera

    Tomorrow I’ll start the mech for the “mouth” of the colon.

    You are about to give a whole new meaning to the phrase “Jay talks out his…” (which Jay doesn’t actually do, but still)

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