A day off

Good heavens! What’s that? I didn’t work today. No boat, no computer (though I should have) no design. Just me, a book, and a little bit of writing. Rob and I slept in. Lovely day.

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Repairing the websites

Other Hand’s site is up and running. WRW’s is up except for the forum, but I have to rebuild the database for that and it takes longer. I spent the day uploading files and writing while I waited. Then I went to the boat and worked. I let one of my co-workers read the draft

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Finished Body Language

Finally. I finished writing Body Language at 2:00 a.m. I spent every spare moment today editing it and I’ve just posted it for critique. We’ll see what folks say. Meanwhile, back at the camp, my kids–the good ones–really focused today and finished the set. I really didn’t think it was going to happen this time.

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YES! It worked

I tried my plan for dealing with Mr. Uh-uh at camp today, and it worked. I gave him a model of the fire I needed built and told him to make a large version. When he got bored with that, I also assigned him to draw the plan of the jail, and that I’d get

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I spent today trying to write. I’m working my way through a new short story, and it’s slow going. I think I’m putting too much pressure on myself after how well Salt of the Earth went. I like this one, or at least the idea for this one, but I only got about 1000 words

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Writing & baking fiend

The last two days I’ve been writing and baking. Well, actually the baking only happened today, but I made a Breton butter cake and a batch of Almond macaroons. Here are the first thirteen lines of the story I wrote today. It’s only 500 words, and I’d be happy to send anyone the rest if

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Boot Camp is over

This was an amazing experience. I wrote a story here, that I truly believe I would not have been able to write before the workshop. I hope that I retain even half of what I learned. The first two days we were in a lecture with about fifty other people. At the end of Day

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Writing Boot Camp

I just got accepted into Orson Scott Card‘s Writer’s Boot Camp this summer. He is the author of one of my all-time favorite books, Ender’s Game and teaches this intensive workshop every summer. I’ve been wanting to attend for years and finally got up the nerve to apply. He only takes fifteen students. I’m one

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Safe Arrival

My flight was entirely uneventful. I slept for most of the trip, which calls for a hearty thank you to Mom and Dad for multiple eight hour car trips to Chattanooga. I learned at a very young age that if I could fall asleep in the car then I would get there faster. So, thanks

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Iceland via Baltimore

I wasn’t in Minneapolis long enough to explore the wonders of the internet. This will not be true of Baltimore. I will be here for another three hours. Woo-hoo! My attempt to stay awake on the first flight failed utterly. I think I managed to confine it to quick naps interspersed with attempts to read.

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I spent the afternoon in my favorite coffeeshop, writing and editing websites. They are perfectly willing to let me nurse a coffee and a pastry for hours. And they have WiFi.

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I biked fourteen miles today. That’s six miles to the studio and then home again, as well as a one mile to meet a writing group and then a mile home. I’m a little tired, but feeling very satisfied. Rob is doing situps. I think he’s feeling left out.

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Novel developments

Today I have been writing. I’ve been a little stalled on my novel because I knew what the antagonist needed to do to move the plot forward, but I’d failed to give them a reason to do it. I had a motive, the bad guy did not. After Rob and I went to bed last

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