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I’m very proud of myself. I spent yesterday writing, with time off for good behaivor to run some errands, and reached 12,519 words last night, which means I’m a quarter of the way through my goal.

I also talked with Fanney, who is a local NaNoWriMo participant. I think it is possible that we have nothing in common except the effort to write a novel in a month. She is nineteen, into vampires, and obsessed with the t.v. show Alias, which I’ve never even heard of. Nonetheless, we are going to meet at a coffee house tonight and spend an hour or so writing in company. I say coffee house, but really I think it will be Iða, which is a bookstore/cafe, because Fanney does not drink Coffee or Tea, only coke.

Meanwhile, I’ve been writing this morning and am at 13,797 words. Just to amuse you, here are the first thirteen lines of Chapter 1. I don’t usually show you rough drafts, and that’s what this is because I’m writing and not going back to reread. I’ll go back and flesh out a section, but no rewrites till the whole thing is done.

Virus Attached
Chapter One
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Scott Huang ran out of the Tube with the rest of the rush hour crowd and sprinted toward the door of the precinct. He was not late, but he wanted some time at his desk before his shift started. The officers on the night shift were just coming back to the station to log out, but the other members of the homicide department had not turned up for work yet. Most importantly, Cameron M. Oakes the Fourth had not shown up yet. He liked his F&B collegue, but the flesh-and-blood detective was not as much fun as his A.I. counterpart.
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp As Huang reached his desk, Metta’s cameras swiveled in his direction. He held still to let her make the I.D. Faster than he could draw a breath, the A.I. knew him and powered up his desktop interface.

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