Drafting Coraline’s face

Coraline has lips now, thank heavens. I filmed myself making a draft of her head today. It’s not the final draft, but it will show you how the assembly happens. The first thirty seconds are a montage of the dull pattern tracing, cutting and such. The last six minutes of the video are in real-time so you can see how the face goes together.

When I’m doing the final draft, it won’t go this fast, because I’ll have to wait for glue to set, while on the drafts, I’m just using masking tape.

Any questions?

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4 thoughts on “Drafting Coraline’s face”

  1. Spectacular! I can’t thank you enough for sharing your techniques like this. This is the most helpful paper sculpture showcase I’ve seen. I’m speaking like this without any clue of how wonderful your finished works are yet…

    I can’t wait to see the rest! Thank you.

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