Happy Birthday Katherine!

My niece has reached her majority and in honor of that milestone, I offer you this video of baby pandas playing in the snow.

Adam Rex | The Nebula Awards

I’ve really been enjoying the series of interviews at the Nebula Awards site. Today’s is with Adam Rex, author and illustrator of Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich and The True Meaning of Smekday. During the interview, Charles Tan commented that he enjoyed the puppet video on Mr. Rex’s site. Naturally, I had to click through and …

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Christmas lights

The 2005 winner of the Synchronized Christmas lights competition… You won’t believe it unless you watch. Trust me. Now that’s someone who takes their Christmas lights seriously.

Animata Shadows

Jeremiah Tolbert turned me onto this interesting video about a form of motion capture that animates what appear to be Javanese shadow puppets.  Pretty neat technology. Reverse Shadow Theatre from gabor papp on Vimeo.

Crazy little dog

I think someone needs to take the batteries out of this thing. I can’t even explain what is happening with it.

New respect for John McCain

You know, I’m not sure who pointed out the video highlight reel from the Alfred E. Smith Memorial dinner, but I’m glad they did.  It’s an annual roast that features the two presidential candidates.  McCain and Obama each do a comedy routine, roasting themselves and their opponents.  Obama is amusing. McCain is hilarious. Not only …

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City Winery video

The local news covered City Winery, where Rob works, the other day. If you look quickly, you can spot him several times throughout the footage. He’s the one on the left in this shot. Just in case you didn’t know what Rob looks like.

Finishing trash

This is a post that I wrote over two years ago while working on the television show in Iceland. At the time, I held it because there was no way I could talk about this stuff without giving away that we were doing a circus episode. Well, the episode has been out long enough now …

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