New respect for John McCain

You know, I’m not sure who pointed out the video highlight reel from the Alfred E. Smith Memorial dinner, but I’m glad they did.  It’s an annual roast that features the two presidential candidates.  McCain and Obama each do a comedy routine, roasting themselves and their opponents.  Obama is amusing.

McCain is hilarious. Not only that, but in the second of these two videos, he’s gracious and reminds me of the man that ran in the 2000 elections.  If he brought that to the table now, I wouldn’t have become so apprehensive about seeing him in the White House.  I’m glad I got to see these, because it reminds me that the two men are human and that at their core, they are both good people.

The first half of McCain’s roast. Honest, it’s really funny.

This is the second half of McCain’s roast and, if you’re only going to watch one of these, you should watch this.  He is gracious and about three minutes in, genuinely moving.  I was impressed with him.

Here’s Obama’s.

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4 thoughts on “New respect for John McCain”

  1. McCain can do comedy. That, I’ve already known for a long time. Obama, on the other hand, wasn’t so great at it… a bit stiff in my opinion.

    About being gracious, I guess it becomes harder to be gracious when a lot more is at stake.

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