Touring memories and yet not a tour

Rob and I had to go out of town this weekend and I was struck by how many of the  places we visited had a touring memory attached to them.  I played in elementary schools all over the place and we were very much in my old stomping grounds this weekend.

At one point, we needed to get diesel for the car and Rob said that he thought he’d wait until we exited for our next turn. I thought that there weren’t any options at that exit — and I was right. It was weird.

If you were in elementary school in Washington or Oregon in 1995-97 or in Idaho in 1993-1995 or 1998, then  I almost certainly performed for you. It is a little awkward how many adults I run across that have memories of seeing me perform or rather of seeing the shows that I performed.

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2 thoughts on “Touring memories and yet not a tour”

  1. in my opinion, people that were in elementary school between 1993 and 1998 have no business being adults.

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