Just call me Typhoid Mary

You might recall that I made a passing reference to being ill last week and that Rob was also ill.  Yesterday, we both went to the doctor. The good news is that it isn’t pneumonia.

Rob had been at work with two people that had pneumonia for a couple of days the week before this hit so it was in the range of possibile illnesses. The bad news is that I was contagious for the past week and saw a lot of people. Hence this post of warning.  Doom!

Did you see me last week and get sick a couple of days later?  Don’t worry, it’s just a respiratory infection but a fairly unpleasant one.  The doctor thinks it is not the flu.  Here are my symptoms.

  • Starts with a head cold
  • Adds a fever and a sore throat
  • Nasty cough
  • Green phlegm
  • Some nasal congestion, but mostly chest
  • Aches
  • Rob got shaking chills and night sweats
  • We’ve both been sick for over a week.  Rob for ten days, me for eight.

They’ve got us both on antibiotics to which it is already responding.  The point is, if you saw me and you got sick about two or three days after, don’t mess around. Go to the doctor.

And I’m sorry about that. Until the fever hit, I thought the cough was from all the travel.

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  1. Hey, you are contagious. I have the same symptoms and haven’t been any closer then your website!

    Catarrh, to use an Austen-ish term, is no fun at all. Be sure to add plenty of soup to your antibiotic regimen.

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