Dish, spoon and crows

Lately, my schedule has been keeping time with Rob’s which means that we’re often up until 2 a.m.  The advantage to this is that when he goes to bed, I can continue recording in the quietest time.  The downside is when I have to be up early the next morning.  Like today.

I had a rehearsal this morning for a show that Jodi and I are doing on March 12th. It’s a very short piece which involves me being a dish, a fork and a bowl.  Jodi plays a spoon, a knife and a plate. The tension and high drama!  Actually, I think it’s a good little piece and I’ll post a link to the show information later.

I went straight from that rehearsal to a production meeting for a different show where I’m building some crows and a box of entrails.  Really, I have the best job.

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