Faux woodgrain on chairs

For the show, Night Sky, I was brought into the project very late, after the original propmaster had to depart. We had a tight budget and very little time to find furniture, which meant that I was shopping for shape, knowing that I could adjust the color later. The designer was very particular about wanting …

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How to make entrails

To make entrails takes very few supplies. Your shopping list looks like this. Unlubricated condoms KY Jelly Food coloring Press and Seal wrap Fake blood Start by filling the condoms with KY Jelly. You’ll need about one tube of KY per condom. Add a little bit of food coloring, but don’t worry about mixing it …

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The slaughtered lamb

Here are the much delayed and often promised pictures of the finish work on the lamb. As you might remember, I had to make significant changes to the taxidermy form. Once that was finished, I began covering the lamb with lambskin. I looked for a good fake fur version, but could only find them in …

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Sleep improves things.

The computer is up and running and I got two of the projects turned in. The other two are in process and ought to be finished in a relatively timely fashion. Meanwhile, I’m itching to write something new. It took me a surprising amount of time to realize that the urge didn’t generate from anything …

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The Moon

I’m too fatigued to generate content today, though I still have lovely photos of the dead dog process. Meanwhile, listen to this podcast of The Moon by Jodi Eichelberger and Mark LaPierre.

Reading “My New Leg”

For the past couple of days I’ve been reading My New Leg, which is a blog about the process of ordering a new prosthesis. This is wonderfully written, up-close-and-personal, and utterly fascinating. I’ve linked to the first post on the blog.

Dog days

I just added making dog ears to my plate. This is also a project for Mabou Mines, though this time I’ve been hired by the incandescent Emily DeCola. (I built monkeys with her back in February.) I forgot to take process shots yesterday, but I’ll do it when I go into the Puppet Kitchen again.


I finished painting the largest wall of the dining room Venetian Red. We’ve moved the bookshelves back into place and have begun the process of unpacking books. It is quite clear that we have more books than we have space. We’re discussing were the additional shelves will go–clearly, we can’t get rid of any of …

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The apartment in process

Okay, first of all, I have to say that you people are so impatient. Sheesh! Second, here are the photos. The Apartment in Process I’ve started putting the kitchen together, but have to hold off a bit until we mop the floor so we can put the pie safe in there. Right now it’s hanging …

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End of June?

I got a call from the fellow with whom we are doing the house swap. The management company is proceeding with the process of making things difficult by giving him an obstacle course of hoops to jump through. He says the worst case scenario is that the move can’t happen until the end of June. …

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Reading Aloud 15: Choices & Compromises while recording Rude Mechanicals

When Bill Schafer at Subterranean Press asked me to read Kage Baker’s Rude Mechanicals, I was delighted, because I love the Company stories. I was delighted until I started reading the manuscript and realized that the point of view character was male. I skimmed forward, just looking at dialogue. Most of the characters were male. …

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Why can’t things be simple?

So, the fellow that we are doing the houseswap with just called.  He said that his landlord has told him that he has gone about the process wrong and that he can’t let us have the apartment.  They are sending him additional forms, which will hopefully resolve the issues.   Hopefully. Meanwhile, there is a …

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