Coraline: Correcting a pattern

I thought I wasn’t going to blog about her legs, because the process is the same as her arms. But, wouldn’t you know it, not only am I going to blog about it, but it’ll wind up spanning more than one entry.

Leg testThe process of making the patterns is the same as with the arms. But, I made a mistake with this one, so I thought I would show you how I correct the pattern. You can see how the lower piece, which is her shin, overhangs the top piece on the left side. That’s her kneecap. I wanted those two pieces to make a smooth straight line down the front of her leg.

Trimmed legSo I trimmed it with an exacto and saved the piece that I trimmed off.

Trimmed leg patternI then laid that saved piece on the original pattern, traced it and trimmed it off the pattern. Voila! The next shin I made from the corrected pattern fit perfectly.

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