Dad, Peter and saws

Peter got in safely. He and Dad spent the morning practising for the saw festival. The only hitch was that Peter had been learning the wrong Ave Maria so he and Dad sat down to work out on the Bach version. Afterwards we went out to lunch and then Peter and I trotted down to …

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Dad visiting

My dad is up for a visit. Well, no, actually that’s not quite true.  My dad is up here to get in the Guiness Book of World Records, visiting us is a side benefit.  My nephew is coming up tomorrow to join in the attempt. What are they trying to do?  The annual Musical Saw …

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Being in Raleigh

09:39 Heading out the door to Raleigh, N.C. for my niece’s graduation party. # 10:21 Picked up 12 bagels for the family. There are only bagel-shaped bread products in Raleigh. # 10:34 The bus driver just stopped and got out to grab coffee and a pastry. He left the bus running. # 12:23 Ran into …

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Avenue Q with Peter

Today was hands down the most fun I’ve had with Peter so far.  We stopped to get bagels and he walked me up to the theater. It was a short day for me as I just needed to finish the angel wings and get them primed. After that, we headed down to the theater to …

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Crows, Almost Q and Slumdog

I had to work this morning, doing the usual stuff. Making stone angel wings from cardboard, ordering 1000 toothbrushes, macheing crows and the like. So Peter was on his own for a couple of hours. I picked him up in the evening and we went to dinner at Henry’s then downtown to see Avenue Q. …

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My nephew, in the house

My nephew, Peter, has arrived to spend spring break with us.  Poor guy has inherited some nasty travel karma as evidenced by the fact that he was due to arrive at noon and got here at 10:07 p.m. We’ve comforted him with pizza and the internet. Tomorrow: Avenue Q, plus a backstage tour by one …

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Lung transplant

Remember me showing you that article about my nephew’s friend? We just got word that he’s had a successful lung transplant. He’s still not out of the woods, but at least he’s got a path to get there now.

Chinese = Martian

According to my nephew, the Hasby Goon inn on Mars has a library filled with books that are written in a Chinese-Martian hybrid. He says that despite speaking a little Chinese, it’s too hard to read the books because you have to translate two languages at once. The spoken language is easier because they speak …

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