Musical advice for nephew?

My nephew is coming to visit and somewhat to my surprise has a fondness for musicals. We’re going to see Avenue Q for certain. He likes Les Mis and Man of La Mancha. I’m trying to restrict myself to tickets available through TDF but I’m a little out of touch with what’s happening on Broadway now.

So, I’m looking for suggestions on what to take him to.

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10 thoughts on “Musical advice for nephew?”

  1. I wonder if Wicked is playing. I’m dying to see that. But when it came to Houston it was staged in an arena. Uh, no thanks! Last time I went to a dance performance in an arena, people behaved as if they were at a basketball game.

  2. Could go old school Monty Python and go see “Spamalot”. If Blue Man Group has a shot, they’re a lot of fun even if they’re not strictly a standard musical…

    – yeff

  3. I recommend Wicked if it’s still on, I’ve recently seen London version and it’s brilliant.

    Spamalot is also a great idea, lots of musical jokes, it’s like a double treat.

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