Early morning radio

Bright and early Saturday morning, I will be on Hour of the Wolf at WBAI 99.5 in NYC.  You can listen live from 5-7 AM Saturday or later on demand at The host, Jim Freund has invited me to chat and do some reading.  We might even take listener calls.  I used to do

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Michael Chertoff on the TSA and “Security Theater”

Over at Boing Boing Gadgets there’s an interview with Michael Chertoff on the TSA and “Security Theater.” Towards the end of the interview excerpt, there’s this section. Joel Johnson: Sir, I was really trying to avoid using this term [security theater] at all. But are you actually saying that security theater is an important aspect

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Over at Liz Gorinsky seduced me with her evil ways, by which I mean the Dessert Truck, into doing an audio interview. She had the molten chocolate cake, which was bubbling when they handed it to her. I had the vanilla creme brûlée. You should know that I have a weakness for cream brûlées Audio Interview Read More »

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