Farewell to Wayne

Wayne headed back to Portland today. He rivals Rob in his ability to defer to others, so when I told him I could take him to the Blue Lagoon today, he said, “Oh, that’s okay. I don’t really want to go.” I couldn’t shake him from this. So, Rob ran him out to the airport …

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Wayne at work

Wayne came to work with us today. He got to see a couple of stunts, which are always fun and he got to see some puppetry, so that was a pretty good mix. The puppetry today was fun, but unfortunately the details are really plot specific so I’m not going to go into them this …

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I’ll start this by telling you that it has a happy ending and there’s nothing to worry about. Suspense is great in novels, but not in real life. Last week, I found a lump in my breast. (remember, happy ending) Daddi at work, made an appointment for me at Leitarstöð Krabbameinsfélagsins (center for cancer search). …

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Wayne meets Eurovision

This afternoon our friend, Wayne, arrived from the U.S. The puppeteers had wrapped early so I was able to pick him up and bring him to work. He got to see a little bit of Stefán working in the lair. Rob had to work until seven tonight, so after showing Wayne around the building, he …

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Cake, rollies and dugar

Not much excitement today, initially. I helped Julie roll into a shot because her rollie cart kept getting stuck on the dugar. Speaking of dugur…The ground at work is called dugar. It’s this vinyl stuff that they roll out onto the floor to create the look of the ground. I’ve been working on this show …

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Today was fairly low-key. We had a couple of shots this morning and were finished with puppet stuff by two o’clock. Emily and I left the building and headed out to do errands. While I love living in Reykjavík the fact that everything closes at five or six is very challenging when trying to deal …

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In one of those moments that seizes one in Iceland, I agreed to go snorkeling in Þingvatn. Sarah had gone scuba diving last month and had come back raving about how beautiful the lake was. A group of us opted for the lower skill snorkeling package. Nothing in the literature, or in Sarah’s account mentions …

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Happy Mother’s Day!

A very happy Mother’s day to both our mothers. I’ll have to admit that, being in Iceland, this day snuck up on me because they don’t celebrate it on the same day. We were leaving to go snorkeling and one of the American’s said, “Happy Mother’s Day!” to her mom. My heart sank. Rob and …

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Staying longer

Rob just accepted a job as Assistant Post Production Supervisor, which means we’ll be staying in Iceland until at least the end of August. We’re both delighted that we’ll be able to extend our stay. Need I add, that this gives you more time to come visit?

SFFAudio reviews WRW’s production of “Fall of the City”

Check out the review of our production of Archibald MacLeish’s Fall of the City. …that this is an artful production, sound design and music are beautifully rendered with voice acting in absolute top form. I was in Iceland when the recording happened at Willamette Radio Workshop, but we had a release party here. I’m so …

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We spent the day at Snæfellsnes with Dean Sharenow. Dean is Rob’s college roommate and is half of the bandKill Henry Sugar. (I’m listening to his music now and highly recommend it.) The weather was foul when we set out and I really wondered if we had made a mistake since you could not see …

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Moss photos

Don’t miss the photos of moss. You can sink your finger in all the way up to your palm. It’s amazing.


Well, I have my doubts, but I was tagged by Joy and by the rules of the game, I have to tell you six random things about myself and then go and tag six more people. I’m writing this with a towel on my head. There is a poodle asleep on the sofa next to …

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