Well, I have my doubts, but I was tagged by Joy and by the rules of the game, I have to tell you six random things about myself and then go and tag six more people.

  1. I’m writing this with a towel on my head.
  2. There is a poodle asleep on the sofa next to me, but neither the poodle or the sofa are mine.
  3. I have tried to learn Icelandic, German, Italian, Bengali, Mandarin and American Sign Language.
  4. I cannot ski.
  5. I have no problems climbing heights, but have trouble descending them.
  6. I do not like cooked carrots.

I am tagging Jason, Clarissa, Buster, Chris, Maggie and Steve.

Why? Because I want all of you to post more often and this is an easy way to get a post out of you.

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11 thoughts on “Blog-tag”

  1. But I post all the time! And not boring stuff like boiling water and eggs! πŸ˜›

    In fact, just the other day I made a lengthy post about why I’m obsessed with cockfights.

    So there.

    (Yeah, I’m pickin’ a fight, missy!)


  2. Mary Robinette Kowal

    Coffee mugs? Exciting?

    Besides, when you’re on the road and discover a way to make hot food in your room, it can be pretty darn exciting.

  3. done!
    and thanks for the reminder. I’ve been lax about posting lately. as always, I’ve been really busy, but I need to pause more often to tell y’all about it.

    but i am confused. world domination isn’t about mugs. it’s about laser rifles and armies of evil robot monkeys. what the hell good is a mug?

  4. Mary Robinette Kowal

    I don’t know. I was trying to figure that out too. Maybe the mug has a secret decoder ring, or it’s good for bashing evil robot monkeys in the head as a last ditch effort.

    Thank heavens I live on an island in the North Atlantic. No ERMs here.

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