Writing Excuses 7.28: Project in Depth– Glamour in Glass

If you are interested in what went into Glamour in Glass we talk about it at great length in the new episode of Writing Excuses. In fact, the only time you’ll hear me go into this much detail is when I’m addressing bookgroups or in one-on-one conversation where I know the other person has read the book. I’m also offering the original outline of Glamour in Glass for the listeners of Writing Excuses. The password is my exclamation at 4:42 in the podcast.

Mary talks to us in depth about Glamour in Glass, and yes, there are spoilers. She discusses the challenges she faced with the project, and some of the inspirations and key concepts that drove it.

Brandon, Dan, and Howard fire questions at Mary, and while she’s supposed to be on the spot she fields everything with aplomb (with the exception of that one surprise at 4:42.) We learn about the military applications of the glamour magic system, a system that up until now we’d only seen in the drawing rooms of high society.

The content here is particularly fascinating (and useful!) if you’re looking to write alternate history, as Mary goes into quite a bit of detail about what went into the rather significant changes she made to the history in her books. Her research process is worthy of your close attention.

Listen to the full episode at Writing Excuses 7.28: Project in Depth– Glamour in Glass.

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