Willamette Week reviews Cinderella

Bizarre. I designed these puppets years ago and evidentally they are being used in a remount now. Willamette Week reviewed the production and had this to say about my work.

The puppets, designed by Mary Robinette Kowall [sic] ((Oddly, I only ran across this because, for the first time, I ran a search on a common misspelling of my name. The review was posted today.)) , are detailed, lifelike and sometimes capable of expressing quite nuanced emotions.

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3 thoughts on “Willamette Week reviews Cinderella”

  1. David W. Goldman

    Actually, the WW website is rather bizarre.

    While I can’t find the actual year of that page anywhere (apart from where the current date always appears near the top), these are listings from a few years ago.

    The first hint for me was that it lists two Artists Rep productions that I saw a few years back.

    The second hint is that this is the listing for November 16-22, but right now we’re in October.

    The final hint is that this is the listing for “Wednesday November 16th thru Tuesday November 22nd” [emphasis added]. Which would mean . . . ah — 2005.

    Still, it’s nice to know that their words of (misspelled) praise will presumably remain available for years to come!

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