Where do you write?

Nancy Kress just did a blog post talking about the different places that writers write and ended it by asking, “Where do you write?”

photo by Marcia Glover (c)2011
photo by Marcia Glover (c)2011

Here’s where I write. Mostly. It converts from a standing desk to a seated desk, when I can get Harriet out of my chair, that is.

I also write at Case Study Coffee and on the subway and the plane and the bus. Sometimes on the couch, with my feet propped up on a bench.

I write wherever I happen to be when the writing needs to happen.

Where do you write?

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19 thoughts on “Where do you write?”

  1. I write at a small desk donated by my niece(when she picked up a much nicer one after college). It sits against the window with two windows that look out into our back yard (such as it is).

    My old alter cloth covers the top. My Gerber Daisies share window. And yes, that’s my sad, sad camera that casts me in shadow.

    I love your desk. 🙂 It is lovely! It looks to be a great space-saver. I need that as well.

      1. It’s a Merlin Tarot deck.


        I have had it for years now. It’s the one that worked best for me. There are no reversals of cards or dual readings. It’s based more in nature (beasts, birds, fishes and serpents instead of cups, coins, staffs and swords). I like the art work. I tend to draw before I write to help with the mood, though I suspect all forms of divination mock me.

        I have runes too, but my desk can’t hold them all.

  2. I posted mine! Otherwise (when I’m not supposed to be sleeping) I take a notebook or a laptop and write outside in the backyard or on the porch if the weather is fair. If not, I rotate between a card table, a desk, and leaning against my headboard.

    I’ve never written standing up, though. How is that?

    1. It keeps me from surfing as much. I have the chair and a second keyboard and will alternate between standing and sitting if I’m working for a long time. I started doing this because my posture was suffering, which made my back hurt, and standing is more “active.” In theory. In reality, you have to get a really good floor mat or your feet hurt almost immediately.

  3. At cafes, when I can find one to my taste. In parks, on my lap (when the wind isn’t too strong). On sofas. In subways. On planes. In airports. On porches (when I have access to one). Sometimes even at my desk, but usually not fiction.

    With your permission, I’m going to spread this one through my flist as well.

  4. As I type this, at a folding laptop desk perched atop the kitchen table. Less often on the couch. Occasionally out in public, though I have to discipline myself against people-watching, so I often get less done in such places. Very rarely aboard an airplane. When I’m feeling saucy, one-handed on the ipad. My wife left yesterday for a month-ish on the East Coast, so I’m writing today amid feelings of heartache and the explosion of her packing extravaganza as well as the usual clutter of jewelry supplies, strewn books and the odds and ends of an active life. I have no office as yet, though I have vague plans of converting some or all of the storage room into one. Depends on how ambitious I’m feeling. Cafes are delightful, but I always feel both vague guilt and frustration, as I refuse to pay that much for coffee inferior to what I can make at home and yet take up their space.

    1. I drink tea when I’m out, instead of coffee, because there’s less caffeine. You might try that instead.

      I feel you on the heartache when the spouse is away. We’re heading into wine harvest here, which means that I’m about to become a wine widow for the next month.

  5. Our laptop just took the final digger, 🙁 , so I won’t be writing anywhere very interesting for a while.

    I write mostly in the living room of our apartment. We have a set of sliding glass doors that face east, which is wonderful in the early morning, obnoxious at dawn, and then lovely again in the later morning.

    If I find myself able to write at the office (I’m a paralegal), I haul my PC from my cubicle to one of the empty window offices or the big conference room. I find it impossible to write in the same space that I do the day to day job. The bonus is that this leaves my internet connection behind and helps me focus.

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