What? A social life?

Friday I had a meeting about a show I’m going to do set design for — one that does not involve any body parts at all — and then… then I had nothing on my calendar. I staggered for a bit, feeling like I had to race somewhere or do something but I didn’t.

I took the subway home, where my fabulous husband had dinner waiting. I spent some time getting work done that’s been pending at home and rediscovered the surface of my desk. It is brown and wood. Who knew?

Saturday, well, suffice to say that Saturday was lovely and is private. It has been a good six years.

Then today we rode the motorcycle up to D– and J–‘s home from their son’s second birthday party. It was good seeing them both. I hadn’t seen D– since the show we’d worked on in Iceland. My heavens. Their son was still in-arms last time I saw him and he’s a tyke now. Plus! They had a puppet show there, which was performed by our mutual friend Steve Widerman, of The Puppet Company. Great seeing him.

We headed from there to Katonah to visit the L– family. They let us store Rob’s motorcycle in their garage and, as a bonus, we get to spend time visiting. Tonight I introduced them to hot toddies and may have made converts.

If you don’t know, a hot toddy is the best cold weather beverage ever invented. Unless you don’t drink, in which case I’ll argue for hot apple cider.

We just returned from those outings. Heavens. I feel like a real human being.

Edited to add, per request:

My hot toddy recipe

1 shot of bourbon, whiskey or scotch
1/2 tablespoon honey
1 1/2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
Fill the rest of the cup with boiling-hot water

There are many variations and I make no claims that this one is The Genuine hot toddy, but it’s the one I like. Tweak to your hearts content; I like mine on the tart side, so I tend to keep the lemon juice ration high.

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5 thoughts on “What? A social life?”

  1. Well obviously, your next outing should be to visit us, as we’ve finally got the dining room painted. And the downstairs hallway is almost done too. And I shall cook! =)

    I would say, if you weren’t taking the motorcycle, that you should bring Maggie and Marlowe too, but alas, they won’t like that. =)

  2. How about a recipe for those hot toddies? I’ve got the mint julep down pretty well, but I could use a cold weather bourbon delivery mechanism, too. Other than sippin’, of course.

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