Watch the Braves game Sunday?

My niece is coming to visit us this week and my brother has informed me that she will be a sad girl if she can’t watch the Braves game on Sunday. Rob and I don’t have a television. I don’t suppose that, among my NY based readers, one of you already plans on watching the game and wouldn’t be averse to having a seventeen year old girl and me watch with you? We’ll bring snacks!

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3 thoughts on “Watch the Braves game Sunday?”

    1. Depending on the sports bar, it may not even matter. I do trivia every Tuesday at a local one and there’s a kid that runs around. Underage people play trivia too. As long as they don’t try to order drinks, everything’s cool. If Mary tries a locally owned, non-chain sports bar, she might find they’ll let her niece right in, because hey, a game’s a game.

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