Wanted for consultation: Native Igbo speaker

In the latest Glamourist History book, I have a discussion of glamour in different parts of the globe. One of the participants is a native Igbo speaker. Although she’s speaking in English during the conversation, I have a couple of phrases where she uses her own terms rather than the European ones. I’m looking for someone who speaks Igbo to look at the terms I came up with. I took an online tutorial, but that’s only going to get me so far.

I’m worried that I’ve come up with a term that’s a) a real word or b) slang for questionable activities.

There are around a dozen words to look at and I can offer a $50 honorarium for doing so.

EDITED TO ADD: Thank you so much. I was able to work with someone to translate those terms.

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6 thoughts on “Wanted for consultation: Native Igbo speaker”

  1. Adediran Jeremiah

    A friend in New York tweeted this link to me since because she thinks that as a Nigerian I may be of help. If you feel like working with me on that, you can contact me through my email & twitter; @joadediran Also, how many are these words?

      1. While I am a native speaker and I understand the language, I’m not fluent by any means. Still, I can offer my services.

  2. Hello Ms. Kowal,

    I am a native Igbo speaker and I also studied Igbo in school during the years I lived in Nigeria. I can be of help if you have not found anyone yet. You can email me the details. Thank you.

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