Torchwood’s appeal

Rob and I have been watching Torchwood and trying to figure out the appeal. Last night as we were heading out to Fabulous Girl’s birthday celebration, I finally realized what the appeal is and why it wasn’t hitting me as strongly as other people. Behold, I present a pictorial demonstration.

Captain Jack Harkness Rob Kowal

Please note that this is the way Rob normally dresses when he’s not working at the winery. Witness the period correct suspenders.


So, I can understand, now, the appeal that Torchwood has to other people.

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5 thoughts on “Torchwood’s appeal”

  1. The appeal of Torchwood is not only delicious John Barrowman being ridiculously Gary Stu-esque (you don’t think so? Just wait…), but the fact that the series is completely on crack. The writers make you believe the Torchwoodverse, but at the same time, you realize this is completely off the wall and lives in the land of WTF. And that’s what makes it sooooo fun to watch, once you realize you can’t take this series seriously. 😀

      1. 100% yes, and don’t let anyone tell you differently. You’ll probably be bawling at the Season 2 finale, but then again, it’s pretty heartwrenching.

        Still, if your first inclination in the first few episodes is to laugh, you’ve got it right. I mean, come on, an alien that feeds off the male orgasm? ROFL!

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