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  1. It got mine right (84% woman), but I couldn’t help but notice its accuracy is little better than 50%, which doesn’t suggest a whole lot of improvement over the random choice…

  2. I’m curious as to what the 1% of womanliness represents.

    (I’m 53% man, but “quite gender neutral” on the whole. Cop-out, much?)

  3. My blog


    has a 64% chance of being written by a woman. I wonder… In my photo I have long Fabio hair. Glancing through the text, the words “kitchen” and “stuffing” (and various ingredients), and crafts and “whisk” and “stovetop” and “church” and “dreams.” However, I also talk about painting the house, PRAM, and SMU chips. So much for the stereotypical words theory.

    Maybe it’s the references to my “husband-outlaw” that’s throwing the genderanalyzer.

    I’d really like to see if there’s any age-related trend — are they more likely able to guess an author’s gender based on the author’s age (in other words, do “older” bloggers show their gender more easily?)

    Somewhat more interestingly, what Mark calls my Whiney Gardening Blog


    is only 51% written by a woman (however, it’s quite gender neutral!)

    but our “wedding blog” (also written by me)


    is 77% written by a man. No mention of orientation, though.

    I guess I get more butch when I write about gay “weddings.”

  4. I get 63% that mine is written by a woman.

    I let them know that “no, they got it wrong” and it tells me the website is only correct 54% of the time.
    It seems to be one of the more pathetically useless tools on the web.

  5. Shh, don’t tell Rob!

    There’s a 51% chance mine is written by a woman, but it is “quite gender neutral”. Sadly, that was one of my more unfortunate high school nicknames.

  6. You don’t reckon that all of the dead and dieing animals and guns and the grossness of “things I get to say at work” threw it off?

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