The table of my life

Look at this nice table and — what’s Iceland doing on it again?

Rob has been offered a full-time position. We are discussing it. I promise that I will let you know when there is more to tell.

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12 thoughts on “The table of my life”

  1. wow, the questions abound…
    will you go?
    Will you take mittens, or no more?
    what will you put in front of the cats nose?
    how will you spend all the angry sheep you earn?

    good luck making your decision.

  2. Well, you said that your job was only temporary.
    You need to put up a poll for us to bet on whether he will go and you will stay or both of you go or neither of you go.

  3. Mary, to quote Uncle Sam, “We. Want. You. To stay!” What better a place for a woman of your diverse talents than NYC? Stay and play for a bit! (Okay, I’ll admit this is a purely self-interested viewpoint, but thought I’d express it anyway. Congrats on Rob’s job offer!)

  4. Heh! Your funeral. Okay, well if you do go, can we come and hang?

    Friends are moving to Puerto Rico for 7 months while the wife does some research. So we’ll be heading to the warmer climes. And fi you guys go, well… they got saunas, right?

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