The newest update on Rob’s hands

There’s actually not that much to tell this time, except that he has managed to schedule an appointment to get the new nerve conductivity test. Somewhat amazingly, it’s this coming Thursday. I was rather expecting it to take a month.

On the other hand, when Rob spoke with the surgeon, they still haven’t received the report from his physical and can’t schedule the surgery until they do. So, that’s business as usual.

Apparently, there’s also a war between our insurance and the worker’s comp about who pays for it. I feel as if we just paid for it out of pocket, everything would have been easier and not significantly less expensive.

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6 thoughts on “The newest update on Rob’s hands”

  1. I hope it all goes all right. I know what you mean, re insurance companies. Somehow, the idea of insurance companies being in charge between patients and doctors, as well as between health and money like this, doesn’t this seem like a conflict of interest? 🙂

    I’m glad he’s in so quickly, it’ll be nice when this is finally over.

  2. Going “out of pocket”

    We absolutely shared your base feelings on this when it came to our Hurricane Ike recovery & claim. The bureaucracy was… and still to this day, is… maddening. We were deeply fortunate that the nature of our need and financial situation permitted us to go the out of pocket route, knowing recoupment would be a crap-shoot. It just comes down to you do what you have to do.

    Though glaciers might have more velocity than what Rob’s experiencing, it’s nice to see the progress you’re reporting in these updates, Mary.

    1. Up until this point, we’ve always just paid for doctor’s visits out of pocket and it is a seriously less expensive way to go. All I want is catastrophic insurance for if, heaven forbid, a bus hits me.

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