The Glamour in Glass Moving Book Tour!

Rob and I are moving to Chicago in April and we’re driving. I joked about doing a whistle-stop tour as part of the move and then we realized that it might actually be a good idea.

Crazy? Yes. But a way to visit places I wouldn’t get to otherwise. Because we are moving we’re hesitant to set up any actual readings. I mean… you know what happens when I travel. Instead of trying to schedule something tight, we’re doing a soft schedule of signings.

What does that mean? Below, I have our route and the approximate date of each city we plan to spend the night in. If you live along this route and have a bookstore within 5 miles of the interstate, I will stop in to sign and personalize a book for you.

How does this work?

  1.  Contact the closest bookstore on the route to pre-order a book and request that I stop in. (We will post the stores that I will be visiting, so check the list.)
  2. Ask the stores to contact my publicist at Tor, Alexis Nixon, ( a to confirm that they have the book in stock.
  3. I will give the stores a date of arrival and an approximate time.
  4.  Two hours before arriving, I call to confirm with the store and tweet that I will be there. If you want to come by to meet me, I’ll be happy to say hello.
  5. We fly like the wind to the next city.

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The current list of cities where I will be stopping. Contact any of these sellers to pre-order and have your book personalized.

The Dalles — Klindt’s Books — April 24 – 315 East Second Street – 541.296.3355

Boise – The Rediscovered Bookshop — April 24 — 180 N. 8th St. — 208.376.4229

Salt Lake City – Weller Book Works – April 25th at 7:00pm – 665 E 600 S Trolley Square – 801.328.2586

Denver — Broadway Book Mall – April 26 at 7:30 pm –  200 South Broadway – (303) 721-7511


Omaha — April 27

Arrive in Chicago and unpack April 28

Full list of upcoming events

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16 thoughts on “The Glamour in Glass Moving Book Tour!”

  1. I don’t live there any more, but The Tattered Cover in Denver is the single best bookstore in North America. (According to David Bowie.) You should definitely stop there for a visit.

  2. I’m in the DC area, so not this time for me! But good luck with your book tour and move!

  3. Moving?  Moving?!? Harumph.  But I just discovered your work.  So I’ve only a couple of handfuls of weeks in which to actually encounter you in person?  Ah, well.

  4. Jennifer Campbell-Hicks

    The Tattered Cover (either Colfax or 16th Street Mall) is awesome. Or if you’re interested in small independent store, the Broadway Book Mall is nice stop. As a Denver-area resident, I’d be happy to  go to either place.

  5. I just contacted The Bookworm in Omaha to try to set up something. I’ll let you know when/if I hear anything.

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