The further adventures of a girl and her husband’s car

So I’ve gotten to explore a lot of Seattle with Cherie today. We went to lunch at Bad Albert’s and afterwards stopped at Fremont Coffee to get some writing done.  While there I called the mechanic to see how things were going. He cheerfully said that they had gotten the car to start and that they should be calling me shortly once they were sure it was okay and roadworthy.

An hour later, I called back to see how things were going.

They couldn’t get it to start again.  He thought there was air in the line and they were trying to figure out how it got in there. Later he called to say that it turned out that it had bad O-rings and that was the problem.  An additional problem was that it was now after 5pm and all the parts stores were closed.

So, they’ll pick up new O-rings on Monday and hopefully the car will be ready to go.  I opened up the Amtrak site to book tickets home and they were sold out for today.  So I called Rob to let him know that I’d be home tomorrow and updated Twitter.

Cherie and I headed to Barnes and Noble to sign stock. On the way there, I got a call from my friend I– from high school, who lives in Portland now.  She said, “Are you still stuck in Seattle?”

“Yeah. It’s getting comic.”

“Well, we’re in Renton having dinner with friends and are heading home tonight. Do you want a ride?”

“Heck, yes!”

So! Twitter and Facebook to the rescue; I am going home tonight.

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      1. Ballard has a history besides Swedish fishermen and gentrifying hipsters? (I just moved here, haven’t even been to Bad Albert’s yet!)

  1. I read something a while back about having to change out the O rings if you were converting an old Mercedes to use bio-diesel. Maybe these were never changed out.

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