Ten things I’ve done that you probably haven’t

A couple of weeks ago, Scalzi posted a list of  “10 Things I’ve Done That You Probably Have Not” and I thought, that sounds like fun.  The idea is to think of things that I’ve done which are unusual. Clearly, other people have done several things on this list but most of you probably have not.

I figured it was a good thing to do in the last week of the year.  Not that I limited myself to things from 2010…

  1. Taught lyrics to Sting
  2. Had my arm pressed against Mandy Patinkin’s crotch (granted with a puppet on my arm at the time)
  3. Snorkled at Þingvellir
  4. Had tea at Ursula Le Guin’s house
  5. Asked Fozzie Bear questions and had him answer
  6. Poached a Christmas tree
  7. Can tell you how to actually get to Sesame Street
  8. Had the Emerald City fall on me
  9. Biked 52 miles (roundtrip) just to have lunch with a friend.
  10. Carried a moose head through Manhattan

By the way, you should read the comments on Scalzi’s blog, which are pretty funny.

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17 thoughts on “Ten things I’ve done that you probably haven’t”

  1. Here’s mine

    1. Appeared in a Chinese newspaper.
    2. Been paid by Apple instead of the other way around.
    3. Appeared in the background of an episode of California’s Gold, by accident.
    4. Met an actress that played a Power Ranger
    5. Climbed the stairs to the 15th floor of a building, realized the door was not open up there, walked all the way down again and took the elevator
    6. Walked in a typhoon
    7. Took a day off just because I couldn’t find parking near work.
    8. Had my cap fallen off my head while walking across the stage during college graduation
    9. Laughed myself awake because the dream was too damn funny
    10. Woke up in the middle of the night and realized I was hanging upside down on the ladder between top and bottom bunk

  2. So many of us have experienced 2, as a forthcoming class action will reveal. Thank you for speaking out.

  3. the only one of mine that springs to mind right now is

    1. gave your table up in a restaurant to Stephen Fry

      1. oh he was indeed. the place in new orleans was packed and we were just about to leave so we offered him our table. much taller in real life.

  4. 1. Sold rhinestones to Daryl Hannah
    2. Tended bar in a nightclub on the Italian Riviera
    3. Went to high school with Moe Szyslack and Professor Frink
    4. Found over $100,000 dollars worth of diamonds
    5. Grew strawberries in the kitchen sink
    6. Broke into the Yale chapel for a midnight organ serenade
    7. Watched an apple roll down the spiral stairs inside the Statue of Liberty
    8. Spent a week in a house with a stream running through the livingroom
    9. Partied with Brooke Shields
    10. Paid for summer camp by eating chicken

      1. Acted in a commercial at the age of 6, ate chicken on camera, made enough money to pay for 2 summers of camp.

  5. the rest of my list (perhaps not as sparkly as some of you)

    2. presented a paper on surrealism and most of my reference sources came from the critic sitting right in front of me in the front row
    3. had one of my poems quoted in a work of fiction published in india
    4. received email from the french author paul valery’s great grandson thanking me for what i have done for his ggf’s memory
    5. grown pears in glass bottles for pear brandy
    6. had a private concert (of 1) from Breathless (favorite band)
    7. created my own (popular) steampunk game
    8. kissed a girl on andy warhol’s grave
    9. been in a spiderman comicbook
    10. won an award for “best website about french culture” from the french cultural ministry

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