Stop for research? Ha!

Why stop for research, when all I need is to throw in some brackets to remind myself to come back to the spot in the story? Here, I don’t actually need to understand astronomy, since my POV character doesn’t, but I do need some jargon for my young over-excited astronomy student to toss around as he’s leading his love interest on a tour of the observatory. The line I’ve got in there now gives me the giggles.

Within the vast stone walls of the observatory, the air stayed chill and dry. The touch of the cool breeze alleviated Pimi’s wooziness somewhat, but she still gripped the iron railing as if the room spun around them, rather than the stairs following the curve of the observatory’s wall. Above her, Duurir chattered happily about lenses and refractions.

She plucked at the ribbons binding her waist, wishing for one of the food stalls that stood on every corner in town. Her mother would not hear of her visiting Duurir’s observatory with an even slightly belled crop.

As if thinking his name had invoked his attention, Duurir spun on the steps, “[Here I say something about telescopes that Pimi doesn’t understand!]”

Pimi blinked, hoping that her dazed expression appeared to be awe and not the confusion she felt.

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2 thoughts on “Stop for research? Ha!”

  1. I can probably help with this one. I’ve done a couple of non-fiction pieces on Lick Observatory and I used to assist in giving shows for the public at the small observatory where I went to school.

    To give you something believable, I’d need some details like time period, who or what owns the observatory, condition of the equipment, that sort of thing.

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