SOLD! The Glamourist Histories are heading for Hungarian translation.

We’ve — and by we, I mean my wonderful agent — have just sold Hungarian translation rights on SHADES OF MILK AND HONEY, GLAMOUR IN GLASS, and WITHOUT A SUMMER to publisher NOUVION Trade Sociedad anonima under the imprint of IPC Books Kft.

According to Google translate, which is so reliable, the first book would translate as Árnyalatai Tejjel és Mézzel, the second one would be….glamour üveg, and the third would be anélkül, hogy a nyári. I suspect that none of those are what the actual books will be called. I am, however, completely delighted and cannot wait to see what it looks like.

Hm… I’ll have to find someone to read some of the aloud to me so I can hear what it sounds like. I love languages and don’t have any Hungarian in my repertoire at all.

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