8 thoughts on “In which I sing Roxanne in puppet voice, while dressed in Regency costume. As you do.”

      1. No, no, it was good . . . and different, and gutsy, and probably more.

        But, one viewing of such a powerful performance is sufficient to last me a while.

  1. Hopefully, you had a soothing cup of tea ready- possibly with some tequila in it……

  2. i used to run Karaoke.
    two things —

    ALWAYS clap when a singer is done [if nothing else, BECAUSE they’re done]
    i’ve heard *SO* much worse, really. i promise.

  3. Amanda Jensen

    I’m curious: is there a specific puppet that goes with this voice? Because anytime I hear the voice, I imagine a VERY specific puppet. It’s a brilliant fuchsia with a wide mouth, pop-eyes, and a shock of pale-carrot hair, and arms way up close to the head.

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