Shade of Milk and Honey, or, Why Dan Wells is going to murder me

I think this might be my favorite review of all time. Dan Wells, author of I Am Not A Serial Killer. Apparently, Shades of Milk and Honey has left him somewhat irked. It’s a shame, because this review just makes me giggle.

Here’s the problem: Mary Robinette Kowal is too good. Not only is she famous, and gorgeous, and brilliant, she’s also a really good writer. This cannot be allowed. I tolerated it before, when it was just award-winning short stories, but her new book Shades of Milk and Honey is too much: clever and simple at the same time, with an unerring sense of historical yes-that’s-exactly-right-ness, and a mastery of craft and form belying the fact that she, like her characters, pretty much created the form out of nothing. To write a book I enjoyed this much, in a manner so talented I could never hope to recreate it, can only be considered a personal insult. Next time I see you, Mary, you’re dead.

He goes on with the review which, besides being very funny, exactly gets what I was trying to do with the novel. The quibbles that he has are, I think, perfectly fair which also pleases me.

Go read his review Shade of Milk and Honey, or, Why I’m going to murder Mary Robinette Kowal.

Oh, and you should buy I Am Not A Serial Killer which will hopefully mitigate his anger and allow me to live. Also, it’s really good.

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