Secret Bookcase Doors!

Bookcase DoorsHoly Batcave! I want a set of Secret Bookcase Doors. How cool is that? Book storage and secret passage!

Oh, I covet mightily.

Hey–! That could solve the storage problems in our kitchen, which has five doors and no cabinetry. I wonder how much weight they can hold and how smoothly they move. Hm…

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3 thoughts on “Secret Bookcase Doors!”

  1. I have always wanted a secret passage door and I always drool when I see pictures like these. Maybe I will be able to afford one of these from all the money I make from my novel. What? I have to write it first? Crap!

  2. These were not uncommon in the Elizabethan period when Catholics were outlawed and Protestants were persuing.

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