Scenting the Dark special offer


On ebay right now you can buy a copy of Scenting the Dark and other  Stories for a mere $102.57.

One hundred and two dollars and fifty-seven cents!

Or… you could buy a brand new copy from the publisher for $25.

I just– what possible rationale is there for the ebay price? I mean. I’m just baffled.

So to celebrate my confusion and amusement, for the next month I’m going to offer you a special deal.

If you buy a copy of Scenting the Dark and Other Stories from Subterranean Press, I will send you a wee chapbook of my Hugo nominated story “Evil Robot Monkey.” Signed and illustrated by the author.

Between now and June 11 send me a copy of your receipt from Subterranean, and your mailing address, and I’ll pop the chapbook in the mail to you.

Edited to add: In the comments below, Julia has come up with a fun twist.  If you already have a copy of the collection, post a photo and send me your address. I’ll send you the chapbook.

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18 thoughts on “Scenting the Dark special offer”

  1. Is this only for copies bought in the next month, or could I send you my receipt from ordering it last year? 🙂

    Cool offer! Thanks!

  2. I second Erik. I preordered my signed copy. I don’t think I have the receipt anymore but I can certainly take a photo of me and the inside of the book (since I already have one of me geeking out with it closed) to prove I bought it…

  3. I just got the Internal Server error too. I am bummed. The error happened after I submitted my credit card information. Gee, I hope someone out there in the ethers hasn’t taken over this site for illicit purposes.

    1. But now I have an email from SP thanking me for my order. A curious system to be sure.

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