Sale! Three new novels to Tor!

Woot! Happy dances and much joy abound.

The week before WorldCon, I got the news that my delightful editor, Liz Gorinsky, wanted to buy two more novels from me. Yay! This made me very happy. And then, there was this thing that weekend, and someone gave me a rocketship, and then my wonderful agent called the next week and said that Tor wanted three novels and I’m sure that’s a total coincidence. TOTAL COINCIDENCE.

So what are they?

First up is book five of the Glamourist Histories.  It’s called Of Noble Family and follows Jane and Vincent to the West Indies, with all that this entails. It’s also the last book of this cycle. Why? Because life sucks as the main character in a novel. People are always trying to kill you and terrible things happen all the time. I feel like there’s only so far that you can push a character before they should be walking bundles of PTSD that would never leave the house ever again. So — book five is the last one.

That doesn’t mean there will never be any other Glamourist Histories books, because I do like the world. I have plans to write another cycle of books set in the universe, at some point.

Meanwhile — we have two totally unrelated historical fantasies. One is called Stagecraft and is set in the early 1900s in Nashville TN, with a dust-based magic system and vaudeville. The other is called Ghost Talkers, and is set during WWI in a version of Britain in which the spiritualist movement works exactly as advertised. But that is all I am telling you about either since they won’t come out until 2015 or 2016 and teasing you with more details seems cruel.

And we just sold three novels, so I don’t want to be cruel. Huzzah! Rockets! Fireworks! General merriment for all!


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39 thoughts on “Sale! Three new novels to Tor!”

  1. “I feel like there’s only so far that you can push a character before they should be walking bundles of PTSD that would never leave the house ever again.”

    This is such a great point. I feel that many series get pushed way past this point, and little to no time is spent on the effects of that life on the characters. So, yay for you!

  2. A dust-based magic system? Wow, they could power their entire universe just with what they’d find in my home…

  3. Congrats!

    I think a pet hair-based magic system could work too. I can only imagine the power I could wield with something like that! 🙂

    Seriously, good news. I’m not sure which new book I like the sound of better. Both sound fun!

  4. Congratulations, Mary! That is wonderful news. I completely agree with your thoughts on ending a series and although it will be sad to part with those characters it would be sadder still to see the quality of the stories diminish if they were continued simply to put out another book.

  5. W00t! Can’t wait for the WWI novel…. ohhh, *that long*… *taps patiently*

    Well. I shall have to content myself with the UK edition of _Shades_… that’s only a month… thinking of several people who will want this! 🙂

      1. Excellent! I loved that and was hoping we’d get more. And I like what I’ve seen so far of the WWI stuff.

        And it is most excellent of you to leave off torturing Jane and Vincent.

  6. Woot! Huzzah! It will be interesting to see how the arc comes to a close… Congratulations on the sales. I am curious, though: still going to keep the Easter Eggs of the Doctor going?

  7. I can’t wait for Stagecraft! I read some of the early chapters and was enthralled by the story. The other one sounds great too…

    *waits impatiently for 2-3 years to be up*

  8. I piked an excellent day to wear my Huzzah shirt! Congratulations!
    Is Ghost Talkers set in the same Britain as some of your short stories that involve ghost? If so that is fantastic!

  9. Congratulations! The two new concepts both sound amazing (WWI and spiritualists… YES). I will miss Jane & Vincent but you’re right, they deserve some happy times after everything they have been through/you’re about to put them through.

  10. Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!


    (Please schedule your Powell’s readings well in advance. Avoiding Thursdays. Unless my trapeze class should switch to Tuesday.)

    (Just to be clear, the exclamation marks of two paragraphs back indicate enthusiastic applause. Certainly not the slightest surprise at the continuing advancement of your world domination.)

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