Sale! “Evil Robot Monkey” to Gardner Dozois’s Year’s Best!

I’m stunned.

“Evil Robot Monkey” will be appearing in Gardner Dozois’s Year’s Best Science Fiction. You know, there were anthologies that I regularly bought before I started writing seriously. This is one of them, because the selections were always thought-provoking and that’s what I loved about SF. And to have one of my stories in there… I’m stunned.

And not using nearly enough exclamation points for the occasion.

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34 thoughts on “Sale! “Evil Robot Monkey” to Gardner Dozois’s Year’s Best!”

  1. Very nice – definitely one of my faves growing up too. What a high note to end the year on. You’ve got quite a lot of inertia & good karma heading into 2009!

  2. Congratulations! Looks like you have had a great Christmas and are heading for a very good New Year ( or should that be new year).


  3. You don’t need any more exclamation points. We’re all properly gobsmacked. But then, you should have known they don’t give out the Campbell for nothing. It denotes solid evidence of future promise. And the future is here.

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