Readers Wanted: Jaiden’s Weaver

I just finished a short story which I’d love having a reader or two look over before I send it out. It is 4800 words of science-fiction. It’s in a password protected post, but it’s a new password. Drop me a line and I’ll tell ya.

I was never one of those girls who fell in love with horses. For one thing, on our part of New Oregon they were largely impractical animals. Most of the countryside consisted of forests attached to sheer hills and you wanted something with a little more clinging ability. So from the time I was, well, from the time I can remember I wanted a teddy bear spider more than I wanted to breathe.

The problem is that teddy bear spiders were not cheap, especially not for a pioneer family trying to make a go of it.

Mom and Dad had moved us out of Brothertown in the first wave of expansion, to take advantage of the homesteading act. Our new place was way out on the eastern side of the Oltion mountains where Dad had found this natural level patch about halfway up a forested ridge, so we got sunshine all year round, except for the weeks in spring and autumn when the rings’ shadow passed over us. Our simple extruded concrete house had nothing going for it except a view of the valley, which faced due south to where the rings were like a giant arch in the sky. Even as a twelve-year old, angry at being taken away from our livewalls in town to this dead structure, I fell in love with the wild beauty of the trees clinging to the sheer faces of the valley walls.

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3 thoughts on “Readers Wanted: Jaiden’s Weaver”

  1. While Jaiden’s Weaver was a fine story (I liked the references to the Launchpad writers), I especially liked “The Consciousness Problem.” Hope you get that story in the shape you want it and good luck with it. That’s a great story.

    I failed to mention this during the workshop weekend. 🙂

    1. Hi Rob! I’m glad you liked “The Consciousness Problem.”

      I spent this morning cutting this from 7000 to 4800 words because the changes in it were pretty straight forward and I know where I want to send it. I need to tidy one other one and then I’ll dive into “The Consciousness Problem.” Fortunately, pretty much everything they talked about is in the bones of the story, but didn’t hit the page.

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