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While I’m at it, here are some place name generators. Largely I use the Ever-changing Book of Names, if I can’t come up with something on my own, but this is a handy set of online resources.

Nine French Boys has a lot of generators that are pretty decent. Scroll down the page for their placenames.

The Random Town Name Generator is a very, very funny page full of faux science. It also happens to generate plausible British town names. has a nice mix of non-English place name generators. These will all sound plausibly Egyptian, Japanese, or Canadian without actually being any of those. It also has some fantasy ones based on Tolkien. I tend to avoid those because he’s got fairly specific and recognizable naming conventions that can sound generically fantasy.

The USA Place name generator gives you actual locations in the US, complete with map coordinates, pulled from the 1990 census.

Dire Press has both character names and place names. These will all capture the feel of a foreign country without getting bogged down in reality.

Planet Name Generator In addition to names, this also gives you things like Length of Day and type of Gravity.

Random Town Name A simple generator for making one faux British town name at a time.

Suburban Name Generator Need a housing development? Go here.

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