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I’m teaching a workshop at Orycon on reading aloud. How does this text sound as a blurb?

You may be a good writer, but reading aloud is a separate skill. In this workshop, learn to make your words sound as great out loud as they do on the page. Using both demonstration and audience participation, we will explore voicing, narration and pacing. Come with one paragraph of your own work; sample text will also be provided.

I also need a snappy title. Here are some random candidates, not all of which are from me.

    Reading Aloud
    How to Give a Reading without Wetting Yourself
    The Science of Readings
    Remember to Breathe
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7 thoughts on “Orycon workshop”

  1. What a great idea for a workshop!

    And I gotta agree with Chris. The title, “Reading Aloud Without Wetting Yourself”, certainly jumps off of the page.

  2. Er, rather, “How to Give a Reading without Wetting Yourself”. Much better title than “Reading Aloud without Wetting Yourself”.

  3. I have to say, the wetting yourself thing is not my favorite, it seems to set the bar far too low. I like “remember to breathe”, as that is good advice for daily life, as well as being a useful tool for public reading. “Acting for writers ” does not make the reading aspect clear enough for me. Perhaps a two parter? How about “Remeber to Breathe- The Secrets Behind Great Public Readings” or, “And the Crowd Goes Wild!” or, “How to Make Your Words Jump off the Page and Into Their Ears”

  4. The blurb reads well. I like Maggie’s suggestion of “How to Give a Reading without Wetting Yourself”. And I like “Remember to Breathe”. Maybe a title that incorporates something about timing or pacing? “It’s All in the Timing”? Or “Learn to Pace Yourself — Reading Aloud for Beginners”?

    Good luck!

  5. Oo! Those are both good suggestions, Brad. In truth, the people that I want to pull into this are not just the newbies. There are a lot of established authors who should not be allowed to read their own stories outloud.

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