New glasses!

I’ve worn glasses since I was in third grade but usually opt for contacts during conventions because I like having more peripheral vision. You can get a sense of how strong my prescription is by looking at distortion the lenses cause.

I haven’t gotten new frames or new lenses since before we moved to NYC, so… at least four years. It was waaaay past time.

Rob has not yet noticed and I’ve been home for forty-five minutes. How long do you think it will take?

Edited to add: An hour later, as we were passing the eye doctor’s and I pointed the shop out to him. He glanced over at me, nodding, and then did the most glorious double-take.

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15 thoughts on “New glasses!”

  1. Those are adorable! I’m getting some new ones too and I suspect my prescription is probably in the ballpark of yours, from the description. I couldn’t begin to guess when/if your dear husband will notice… it really depends on the person! My husband notices instantly if I so much as part my hair half an inch farther to the right. If it were my dad, I could die of old age waiting for him to notice. He once went shopping with my mother and said, “This shirt would look nice on you,” holding up something from the rack that my mother was actually WEARING at that exact moment. I unfortunately inherited this tendency from him, so it does not seem to go along male/female lines as many assume…

  2. Catherine Shaffer

    Cute glasses. The prescription doesn’t impress me, though. 🙂 My glasses prescription settled around -10 to -11 diopters. I’ve been told glasses can be made in the -15/-16 range or more. I prefer to wear contacts most of the time, unless my eyes get really tired.

    1. My eyes are bad enough that the thickness of the lens is becoming a problem for the kinds of frames I like, and now I’m going back into bifocals. I’ve never been able to wear contacts comfortably, so I’m probably about two years from switching from thin metal frames to full plastic frames. I almost did it this time – I found a pair of clunky black frames that were just a little too hipster.

  3. Mary, I once dyed my hair blond. When the man of the house came home he said, “Something looks different. Did you clean house today?” May I ask if the new frames are similar in shape to your previous glasses? Maybe that would account for the ‘no see anything new’ behavior.

  4. I love the new specs! I just got new ones myself and nearly went with tortoiseshell (but went with purple). My prescription isn’t particularly strong, but I do have prism in my glasses, which adjusts for vertical misalignment. No contacts or surgery for me!

  5. He will notice soon,( perhaps the secret purple will somehow catch his eye), and then he will apologize for taking so long. Truth is, he is gazing into your eyes, not whatever surrounds them.

  6. Librarian, works in the G minor section of the Composing Gods’ Library, ninth floor. I’m assuming it’s the look you’re going for . . .

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