My Orycon Schedule

I just received my schedule for Orycon. Holy cow. At least I won’t have to make decisions about which panels to attend.

Panel Start Panel End Panel Title
Panel Location Panel Description
Moderator in Bold

Sun Nov 19 3:00:pm Sun Nov 19 4:00:pm How to Write About Something You Know Nothing About
Salon A The joys of research. How much detail is enough to sound credible without bogging down the story. How to avoid “facts” that are irrelevant or inaccurate. How to become an instant expert in time to meet an editorial deadline.
Greg Gorden Theresa Reed Alma Hromic Deckert Mary Robinette Kowal Sara A. Mueller

Sun Nov 19 2:00:pm Sun Nov 19 3:00:pm Love, Romance, Dark Passion and Crossing the Genre Lines
Salon G Enjoy a little romance in your SF and fantasy reading? Where does one genre end and the other begin? The blurring between romance and SF/fantasy continues apace, as romance publishers launch new “paranormal” and “supernatural” imprints and SF/fantasy editors seek the same type of story.
Theresa Reed Mary Rosenblum phyllis irene radford Mary Robinette Kowal Kara Dalkey

Sun Nov 19 1:30:pm Sun Nov 19 2:00:pm Reading: Mary Robinette Kowal
Salem A reading by Mary Robinette Kowal
Mary Robinette Kowal

Sun Nov 19 12:00:pm Sun Nov 19 1:00:pm The Great Writers Blog
Salon A Blogging — everyone’s doing it! And blogs are a great way for writers to chronicle their creative process and track their progress, interact with fans and other writers, and get free publicity. So, what are the keys to a great writer’s blog? Come to this panel and listen to some veteran “bloggers” talk about what they’ve learned.
Cory Doctorow Dave Slusher Joseph E. Lake, Jr. Mary Robinette Kowal

Sat Nov 18 4:00:pm Sat Nov 18 5:00:pm Juggling Jobs: Survival Tips for the Beginning Writer
Salon B The delicate balance of job, family, and being a writer or artist. Assuming one has to have some income, is there a right kind of day job for writers?
Rob Vagle Bruce Taylor Ken Scholes Leslie What Mary Robinette Kowal

Sat Nov 18 1:00:pm Sat Nov 18 2:00:pm Turkey Readings
Medford Find out about some of the stories that really, really didn’t make the cut. Or what happens to a manuscript from the time it arrives at the publisher’s office to the time the editor actually looks at it. What should the writer do, and what should the writer not do, to get out of the slush pile.
Mary Robinette Kowal David D. Levine Anthony Pryor

Sat Nov 18 11:00:am Sat Nov 18 12:00:pm Remember to Breathe- The Secrets Behind Great Public Readings
Salon E Table 1 You may be a good writer, but reading aloud is a separate skill.  In this workshop, learn to make your words sound as great out loud as they do on the page.  Using both demonstration and audience participation, we will explore voicing, narration and pacing.  Come with one paragraph of your own work; sample text will also be provided.
Mary Robinette Kowal

Sat Nov 18 10:00:am Sat Nov 18 11:00:am We Don`t Need Another Hero
Mt. Hood From Kimball Kinnison to Dylan Hunt, strong-thewed heroes have strode the spaceways, protecting the galaxy from evildoers. But the trend in contemporary literature is shifting from “heroes” to “protagonists” to “viewpoint characters”. What are the ways that main characters can be used in science fiction? How can ensembles and event-based plots build great story lines and lovable groups?
Mary Robinette Kowal Sheila Simonson phyllis irene radford Jean Lamb Michael A. Martin

Fri Nov 17 4:00:pm Fri Nov 17 5:00:pm Other Worlds or the Same Ol`, Same Ol`?
Salem Once upon a time, every SF story introduced us to new worlds. Now, SF can be alternate Earths or just around a too familiar corner. Why do writers use other planets? Why don’t they?
David W. Goldman Jean Lamb Mary Rosenblum Richard A. Lovett Mary Robinette Kowal

Fri Nov 17 2:00:pm Fri Nov 17 3:00:pm Constructive Critiquing
Salon A How should a colleague/friend/editor go about critiquing a manuscript? Who is qualified to do a critique? How does a critique help a writer, and how should a writer use a good critique in their writing process?
Patrick Swenson Mary Robinette Kowal Mary Hobson Dianna Rodgers Louise Marley Mary Rosenblum
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  1. WOW! The issue seems to be less about “remembering” to breathe, and more about just trying to get a chance to!

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