My Favorite Bit: Joseph P. Macolino talks about THE BATTLE FOR ERATHAL

Joseph P. Macolino is joining us today to talk about his novel, The Battle for Erathal. Here’s the publisher’s description:

He just wanted to enjoy this time of peace. But when a familiar evil is unleashed upon the forest of Erathal, will anyone be safe?

Enjoying the time without strife, Irontail works to spread peace and unity throughout the forest of Erathal. Organizing the first ever Festival of Gratitude, he finally feels he is fulfilling his calling as the leader of his centaur village. But his plans are once again hijacked when a familiar villain escapes from imprisonment.

The felite warrior, Tel’ Shira, joins Irontail and the other heroes of Erathal as they plan their counter-offensive. But even her gift of foresight is not enough to prepare her for the upcoming battle against this malevolent foe.

With the future of Erathal on the line, will anyone survive to tell the tale?

The Battle for Erathal is the thrilling conclusion to the Evorath epic fantasy series. If you like expansive world-building, heart-pounding battle scenes, and heroic ensembles, you won’t want to miss Joseph P Macolino’s epic fantasy adventure.

Buy The Battle for Erathal today and discover who survives the final battle against Yezurkstal.

What’s Joseph’s favorite bit?

I feel there is an underlying sadism in asking an author to select just one favorite bit. It’s the kind of question that could make a man go mad. What is my favorite bit? Is it fair to all the other bits to pick just one? Rather than wrestle with the difficulty of the choice, I’ll exercise artistic liberty and settle on a substantial bit: worldbuilding. And before you scream foul, allow me to explain my choice.

You see, Evorath was originally not a book trilogy at all. I didn’t start creating the world with any stories in mind. I simply loved fantasy and wanted to create a mythology of my own. A world where all the things I loved about magic and mythological creatures could exist in one. A world where adventure and wonder were interwoven into the basic fabric of existence. Of course, a world like that needs stories.

So, when I say my favorite bit about The Battle for Erathal was the worldbuilding, I hope it’s clear why it must be such a seemingly big bit. You see, the Evorath trilogy is the earliest story I plan to tell in Evorath. The events of this book are some of the most significant in Evorath’s early medieval history. And as the story wraps on a happy note, with an age of hope and unity on the horizon, the rough characters we met at the trilogy’s start are now ready to embark on a new, exciting chapter in life.

Sure, I can call out specific bits of worldbuilding that stick out in the story. Savannah, for instance, is seen writing her first manuscripts. Her philosophical works will set the foundation for much of the societal development in Evorath over the next few centuries, so seeing her own growth in this trilogy makes it all the better. Then you consider events like the Gratitude Festival, an Evorath holiday that directly supports and encourages these same societal developments. Of course, the battles themselves are some of the most significant in the history of Evorath. Even as the story resolves, it sets up events for the next big chapter in the world.

In addition to the new bits of worldbuilding sprinkled throughout the pages, The Battle for Erathal also helps pay off some of the bits introduced in the first two books of the trilogy. Readers get a glimpse of some of the wider world beyond the shores of Erathal. And the secret to Yezurkstal’s power is revealed.

But the significance of worldbuilding doesn’t end there.  And perhaps if I had to pick out just one little bit of the story to be my favorite, I’d find that bit at the end of the story. The establishment of the community in Marftaport marks the beginning of a new age of cooperation among the people of Evorath. And as strength in diversity is an important theme throughout these stories, you can be sure this community will play a vital role in the future growth of Evorath.

So, is worldbuilding too big a bit to be my favorite? Perhaps, but as it’s the cornerstone of these stories, I’d say I’m within my rights to claim it. And besides, this way I don’t feel like I’m hurting any of the other bit’s feelings.


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Husband, father, and seeker of Truth, Joseph P Macolino embraces the age old sentiment of fantasy as a form of escapism. Recognizing the shackles of humanity, he uses his world of Evorath to allow readers to explore a magical world of intrigue, adventure, and amazement.

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