Maggie is much better

We stopped pilling her today. Maggie’d gotten seven days of the pills, which the vet said was the minimum that she’d like to see. And, since she was getting double-doses… oy. Anyway, we decided to stop, because she’d stopped eating.

I spent the morning hanging out with Christina and in the evening, Rob and I went to the store to pick up some wet cat food to tempt Maggie. Lo! She ate. Thank heavens. Marlowe is, of course, wondering why he doesn’t get the same treats she does. Silly kitty. I offered to wrap him in a towel and shove butter down his throat, but he doesn’t seem interested.

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2 thoughts on “Maggie is much better”

  1. Did you really wrap him in a towel and offer him butter or is this artistic license? He is such a strange (I started to say stupid) cat that he may like it. After all he has the helmet of invisibility.

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