Looking for apartment, part deux

I believe we saw seven or eight apartments today. Only one of which were we both excited about.  Of course, someone else is in line for it.  Two of them would work as fall-back apartments. The rest were no goes.  Workable, if we had to get something and get it now, but not otherwise.

If we drop the “must have a gas stove” requirement, the field widens. We’re giving ourselves a little longer with the current criteria.

My feet are tired.

It’s also been interesting what things each of us sees in the apartments.  I respond to views. Rob responds to ceiling height. He notices how many outlets are in each room. I notice how the windows open.

Did I mention my feet?

When we got home, -e-‘s friend G– was here with her son. G– it turns out is a fantastic baker and had turned up with homemade bread, quiche and a loaf of banana bread.  -e- made a salad.  We contributed cheeses carefully aged in a vintage ice chest and agitated in a large truck for ten days.

I wonder if Rob will rub my feet?

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  1. I know that when we lived in California, there were few gas stoves because of concerns about gas lines rupturing during an earthquake. Is it the same rationale in Portland?

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