A Lady Astronaut fan art contest

A papercraft flower made of punchcards atop The Fated Sky novelI like fan art. A lot. Like, really, a lot.

I was an art major in college and one of the things that I love most is seeing how people interpret work in another medium. In a lot of ways, that was my job when I was designing puppet theater.

And…I want Lady Astronaut fan art.

So, we’re going to run a little contest with some prizes ranging from mission patches to audiobooks.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Make fan art!
  2. Leave a link in the comments here. Include a name, the place you want us to link to, and anything else you think I should know.
  3. We’ll add it to the Pinterest page and credit you.
  4. Submissions close at midnight on September 21st, which is one mission month into The Fated Sky‘s voyage.
  5. Judging is… me.

Third prize – An IAC mission patch

Second prize – An IAC mission patch, plus become a character in the next Lady Astronaut story or novel

Grand Prize – An IAC mission patch, tuckerization, plus audiobooks of The Calculating Stars and The Fated Sky


What counts fan art?

I’m pretty liberal in my definition. It could be a drawing or painting. Cosplay. Needlepoint. Sculpture. Knitting. Music. Dance…

Can it be a story?

Not for this contest. I love fan fiction, but what I want to see for this is the Lady Astronaut universe interpreted in another medium.

When will you announce the winners?

My plan is to announce on October 1, but I will have been out of the country for the week before that so might be late.

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14 thoughts on “A Lady Astronaut fan art contest”

  1. After listening to “The Calculating Stars” I was excited and felt the need to create something (I didn’t yet know about the contest), so went with a virtual model of how I imagine the Lunetta orbiting platform might look.


  2. As seen (inflicted) on Twitter, a fan pun:

    Q: Why did Elma York’s stress-reduction microwave background experiment fail?

    A: Because she could only get down to six degrees of Kelvin baking.

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