It’s Wednesday, so this must be Madison

My flight out today was also oversold, so I volunteered to be bumped again. Really, this is not a hardship because Madison is a pleasant place to spend time and I have plenty of portable work with me. Plus, may I say that travel vouchers come in really handy when you consider how much time I spend in transit.

Yesterday’s delay was quite pleasant. I went into town with Julianna, a flight attendant who hadn’t visited Madison before. We hung out shopping and had lunch together (Thai) and generally shot the breeze for hours.

Then, in the evening, I connected with the Monette’s and had a lovely, lovely evening. We sat on this veranda at the university’s student center. It’s under huge arching trees and overlooks a lake with sail boats. It was very postcard.

After that we strolled down State Street to an Ethiopian restaraunt and finished the night with gelato.

Really, being in Madison an extra day is not a hardship. Not at all.

Right now I’m sitting in Michaelangelo’s coffee shop and hanging out until my flight this afternoon. If they need another volunteer will I do it? It depends on how much longer I’d be here. Yes, I could use the vouchers but I miss Rob and am coming up on my limit for being away.

Meanwhile, I have a cup of good tea and a comfortable chair.

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