Introducing a new feature: My Favorite Bit

One of my favorite things when I’m talking to authors and artists is listening to them geek out about their favorite bit of their own work. It’s usually something small that they put in to amuse themselves, or that they worked really hard on but don’t expect anyone to notice. You can hear the sheer glee in their voices when they talk about it.

I love that peek behind the curtain.

So, I’ve started a new feature on my website where I invite authors, artists, and other creators to talk about their favorite bit of their newest work. This can be a scene, a sentence, a character, or a bit of world-building. It can even be a piece of research that never made it on the page. The key is that it’s something that they love LOVE sooooo much.

These posts are a chance for you to peek backstage and see what makes an author go to their happy place. In a lot of ways, the things that my guests will be talking about are why we write to begin with.

And now… without further ado, hop on over to My Favorite Bit.

For those authors, artists, puppeteers, or other creators interested in participating, I have an FAQ for you about My Favorite Bit.

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