I am in NYC

I caught a redeye from Salt Lake City to NYC where I will be until Friday morning. Why? Because I’m clearly insane.

In all seriousness, I have an audition tomorrow. For the Met.

I’ve been called back for a show I auditioned for four years ago. You can read about that audition and I’ll tell you about tomorrow’s once I get on the other side of it.

How do I think I’ll do? Impossible to say. They are looking at a lot of puppeteers tomorrow. As much depends on body type as skillset for this role. Am I nervous? Yes.

But… it’s the Met. Just being able to say the sentence, “I’m auditioning for the Met” is incredibly, amazingly, cool.

One more time.

I’m auditioning for the Met.

Edited to add: I had a great time, didn’t get the part, and you can read how the audition went.

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12 thoughts on “I am in NYC”

  1. I remember reading about that audition! A lot has happened in four years… :). I don’t know if theater rules apply to puppeteers, but if so, I hope you break both legs.

  2. Sherrill Milnes told me that in opera they consider finding a bent nail in the set is good luck. 

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